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Zumba, is a dance-inspired fitness class that forms a perfect blend of exercise & dance.

It is a form of high intensity interval dance-workout to tone different muscles groups in the body. It is conducted in sessions of various time duration based on fitness goals and a participant's endurance level. 

Zumba classes are super-fun, exciting & effective training to stay fit, slim and confident. 


Provides an energy burst to burn calories. An hour of Zumba training burns around 700-1000 calories. It trims unwanted fat layers for sustainable weight loss. 

Zumba tones up whole body. It improves muscle tone around thighs, buttocks & abdomen for a slim & attractive outlook. 

Improves muscle tone of targeted body shapes (upper body, buttocks, thigh, stomach etc.)

Improves aerobic fitness & muscular coordination. 

Improves cardiovascular health by triggering rapid blood circulation to various body regions. 

It is a great way to energize your whole body and relieve everyday stress.  

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