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Life is not always fair. Sometimes it becomes essential to take care of our physical and mental health to protect yourself and your loved ones. 

Our self-defence class prepares you to be fearless and tackle anything that the world might throw at you.


There is no nobility in being a victim. That is why, learning to defend yourself is not an option anymore. It aims to make you fearless by mastering the art of defence, attack and self-protection. 

After learning self defence tricks, you always feel confident, safe and prepared to protect yourself during unsafe situations. 

It increases self-awareness; you always feel active about your surrounding to intelligently determine the possibility of attack. 

Self defence allows you to express full freedom without being vulnerable to threats; it brings positive changes to your personality to lift up your spirit. 

It builds core muscles of entire body through rigorous training sessions. It improves strength, endurance & stamina.  

Imparts self discipline and improves social skills. 

It reduces stress by feeling safe, confidence, and protected.   

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