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Evo-Strength is revolutionary, high intensity workout technique designed to build body strength and aerobic health. It was invented to train military personnel, fire & police forces to fulfill high fitness standards. 

Evo-Strength is a body conditioning workout carried out in different weight endurance sessions of various duration. 

Weight equipment of various kinds are used to build strength of various muscle groups or body regions.  


Evo-Strength offers improved body versatility and conditioning of all body muscles & joints. 

Improves muscle tone for a slimmer looking thighs, buttocks & abdomen region. 

Dedicated well-supervised training to help improve overall body strength, muscular coordination, & physical stamina.

It offers fast & sustainable weight loss with steady as well as high intensity cardio exercises.  

It is targeted to build core muscle strength that delivers quick, sustainable physical endurance.  

Evo-Strength is a great motivating workout that boosts confidence and self-esteem. It energizes your whole body and helps you feel relaxed and stress-free.  

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