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Evo-SPin is a modern workout training that is designed to fulfill fitness and lifestyle goals of our modern generation. 

Conducted in a safe indoor environment, it provides the thrill of outdoor cycling to transform your body and free your mind. 

It is an ideal workout for women belonging to all age groups. This energetic and immersive class allows you to achieve your dream fitness in a fun and exciting way. 


Burns calories in a fun and exciting way. A 30-45 minute Evo-Spin session burns around 400-500 calories. 

Builds muscle tone, especially the muscles around thighs, buttocks & abdomen to provide an attractive outlook. 

Provides lean physique by trimming excessive fat from fat-prone body regions.

Boosts energy level, relieves stress, and promotes better mood. 

High intensity spinning increases cardio endurance, and improves blood circulation throughout the body. 

Fully controlled indoor training eliminates the risk of outdoor cycling injury. 


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