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Circuits is a fast paced resistance & endurance training workout designed to improve muscle tone, boost endurance & improve cardiac health. 

Just like musical chair, participants go though one exercise to another in rounds to complete circuits. 

Conducted in quick sessions of series of exercises, Circuits session range from as less as 30 seconds and can go up to 4-5 minutes. 

Intense circuit workout burns calories like nothing. It helps to lose weight in a natural way and get rid of excess body fat.  

Fat trimming along with improved muscle tone helps to get thinner, attractive thighs, buttocks & abdomen.  

 Improves overall body strength, muscular coordination, & physical stamina.

Improves cardiovascular health, bone density & helps to gain muscle mass.  

It is a great way to energize your whole body, feel charged up, and relieve stress.  

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