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Deriving its inspiration from "fat camps" for children, Bootcamp is a modern workout technique that has gone through numerous modifications to suit fitness demands of our modern generation. 


It is a weight-loss oriented workout training carried under supervision of our expert trainers to build body strength & achieve effective weight loss. 

Centered around circuit-type workout, it combines body weight exercises with strength exercises such as running, aerobics, etc. to achieve fitness results. 


Dedicated well-supervised training under experienced instructor to help improve overall body strength, muscular coordination, & physical stamina. 

Improves muscle tone around thighs, buttocks & abdomen for a slim & attractive outlook. 

It is an effective workout to get a slim physique by burning mass calories with high intensity circuit-workout sessions.

It is targeted to build core muscle strength that delivers quick, sustainable physical endurance.  

Improves aerobic endurance and mental health to achieve long-term fitness. 

This energetic workout promotes better mood and is a great workout to relieve everyday stress.  

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