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Body sculpt is a core conditioning training designed to tone targeted muscle group/groups. It is executed under planned sessions of strength building & stretching exercises. 


Our body sculpt class involves shaping up various regions of upper body & lower body with systematically carried out weight-training exercises. 

This scientifically designed workout includes a warm up session, a cardio session, followed by a strengthening/stretching session to tone up focused body region. 

Trims unwanted fat around focused body part or region. 

Improves muscle tone of targeted body areas (upper body, buttocks, thigh, stomach etc.) for an attractive outlook.

Increases muscles mass to improve muscle endurance. 

Burns quick calories during and after workout sessions for an effective weight loss. 

Improves core strength, stability and body posture. 

Boosts metabolism along with a stronger, flexible body physique. 

Builds self-esteem & self-confidence with long-term results. 

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